My Transitions coming in 2017

Instead of thinking of my life as one state of chaos to the next, I’ve decided that “transition” is a better word.

As you know the de-pinking transition is in full swing. 

While we are still unsure if we will paint all the cabinets  white, or the tops white and bottoms gray, Mr. Porter did convince me that we need to take the extra step and use primer.   

While my tendancy is to hurry, hurry, hurry and get this project done, figure it out as you go (writers call this a pantser) Mr. Porter is a planner .  Why hurry to paint the cabinets if the pinkish hue is going to bleed through the white paint? Me: because I want it DONE   

Finally, my brain slowed down enough to admit that he’s right. Although I feel like I am holding my breath, not fully living life because boxes of dishes are in the dining room instead of the cabinets, I can’t find my cutting board, there is dust everywhere, and nothing is organized–I finally stopped and took a breath.  I need to experience the transition process and see it as building blocks instead of obstacles to overcome. 

As you can see in the above photo (I hope) I painted the piece of wood in the middle with white paint.  While the pink is calmed down a bit, it still pokes through.  

So yeah, after all the sanding and painting, we want the finished product to look good. 

Transition, according to Merriam-Webster is:

a : passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another : change

It’s uncomfortable.

In childbirth, transition is the most intense part of labor, the storm right before the pushing stage.  (Also notice the spiritual parralels.)

  • It is difficult, but a short period of time 
  • It is here that the mother’s focus might falter (distracted )
  • She may doubt her ability to birth the baby. ( is my prayer really going to be answered?)
  • She may worry about how long labor will last and how much more intense it may become. (Worry vs faith)
  • This is the time women require the most mental, physical and emotional support (we all need friends, prayers, and help)
  • Actively recognizing that she is in transition will help her handle the phase (recognize the answer is on the way, and stand firm in believing)

The above info about childbirth gleaned from
So for 2017, I plan to look at obstacles as building blocks.  And stop and feel the pain.  

Today’s  building blocks are how to cut carrots without the cutting board and without getting the dust from sanding in the carrots. Or maybe that’s just more fiber? 

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