The NEVER List!

See how many of these you can pronounce!
These are chemicals that are harmful to humans:


Beauty Counter never uses these chemicals in their products.

March 4th is the four year anniversary of Beauty Counter. Beauty Counter has been able to get 30 harmful ingredients banned from use in the US. There are over 1400 that are banned in Europe.


Their personal care line of products are all US made and not tested on animals. Because they are a B. or Benefit Corp, they must give back a percentage to non-profits. They put People and Planet before Profit.

If a product is European, unless it is purchased overseas, the formula is changed for distribution in the US to save costs. The consumer actually gets different ingredients and does not know. Thousands of ingredients can be hidden in the word “fragrance.”

Beauty Counter is Thrid Party validated and has a five-step screening process. Third party validation will guarantee authenticity.

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2 thoughts on “The NEVER List!

  1. Thank you SueAnn. The mission to get safe products in the hands of everyone starts with that Never List and moves all the way to Congress changing laws due to lack of regulation. 1938 was the year the the last major law passed banning 11 ingredients. Over the last 4 years, Beautycounter has been working hard and has partnered with other like minded non profits and added 19 more banned ingredients for a total of 30. It is confusing and I wanted to be sure to clarify that information. If there are questions, I am happy to respond or find the answers. I hope to see you on Purely Dawn FB page. d

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