The tree guys are back #trees

At 6:45 I jolted out of bed, rumbling trucks drove outside my window. Yes, the tree guys have arrived.  

We received our tax refund check and decided to take down several large trees in the backyard, hoping to aboid the calamity that happened to our neighbors:

On their first attempt to get the truck to the oak tree scheduled for removal, the truck got stuck in the mud that is our back yard, and the had to come in at a different angel from the front.  Just a few ruts:

I took a few pictures for the “before and after” series.  I also wondered onto the back deck as a large part of the oak tree was suspended in the air, and nearly got myself a face full of branches.  I’ll be staying inside today.  I have lots of reading to catch up on anyway. 

Bailey and I are off-schedule and will be takjng our walk later. He’s resting up for later.  

After today, we can go pick out fencing to close in the backyard. Then Bailey can have other doggie friends over to play, and I won’t have to worry about him running off to confront our neighbor’s German Shepherd.  Bailey would lose. 

Another tree hits the ground.  

I can’t look at a wood chipper without

Remembering the line from Fargo, “I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper,” with Steve Buscemi’s feet sticking out of the top.  Gross.    

I have a lot of reading and writing to do, so I better get to it. Have a great day.   

4 thoughts on “The tree guys are back #trees

    1. Hi Terri. It was a long and loud day, but the huge trees are gone and the yard looks huge. We will have some landscaping to do. Bailey actually slept through some of the work and was snoring!! After the initial rush of people and equipment, he barked his head off. He must have worn himself out. Now we have a backyard full of mud, my husband says it’s a mosh pit. 😂😂😂 As with all projects it will take longer than we hoped to get it done. But it will be nice when it’s finished !!


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