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If you enjoy Psychological Thrillers, I highly recommend “A Patch of Fog”. I watched it on NetFlix.

Here’s the trailer:


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The Story: A Patch of Fog is the book written by Sandy Duffy. It’s a runaway best seller, and his career in television keeps him rich and living the high life. But he has a strange hobby: he shoplifts just for the thrill of getting away with it. Eventually, Robert, a Security Guard, catches him stealing and confronts him. Robert blackmails Sandy into a “friendship” of sorts.

At this point, I thought, how in the world are they going to keep me interested in this plot? Well, they did. Robert escalates, Sandy tries a few tricks which backfire on him.

What I really loved about this film was how perfectly they tied up the pieces at the end.

SPOILER ALERT— SPOILER at the end of this email!

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Now back to our feature film.

SPOILER—–go watch the movie, then come back.

Throughout the movie, Sandy set his phone to ring at a precise time, which would be the method of slipping an item into his pocket–while reaching for his phone. He stole small things like pens. The stealing excited him. He explained how it made his heart race, his palms sweat, and it was “the greatest feeling in the world.”

During a television interview, Sandy explained that when he dedicated the book to his father, his heart raced, his palms sweat, and it was the greatest feeling in the world. Sound familiar? This is when Robert realizes that Sandy stole the credit for the book.Sandy had actually stolen the manuscript from his father, who suffered from agoraphobia and never went outside. After Sandy’s father passed away, he published the book in his own name.

Robert threatens to expose Sandy, keeping Sandy in a position to be his “friend”. He assures Sandy that the book is in a safe place. Finally, Sandy has enough. He scuffles with Robert, and Robert is killed. Sandy wraps him up, drives to the lake, puts Robert’s body into the row boat, and rows out, in the fog, to dump the body. Sandy ties the rope of the anchor around Robert’s body and is just about ready to cut the rope when the phone rings. The call is from Sandy’s co-worker and girlfriend, but he decides not to answer it.

Sandy throws Robert’s body, with anchor, into the lake. He looks down to see that he had forgotten to cut the rope which is now wrapped around his ankle. He is dragged into the lake by the weight of Robert, and so we see that his last attempted to be untied from Robert is also unsuccessful.

I thought that was a great ending and was pretty satisfied until the camera scans back to Sandy’s house which was decorated for Christmas, and under the tree is a gift from Robert, to Sandy, which we know is the original manuscript of the book.

Wow. Loved it. Everything was neatly tied together at the end, much like the gift under the tree.

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