Dear Barnes and Noble: It’s time to think outside the “box” #books #reading #writing #BarnesAndNoble

Dear Barnes and Noble: Pardon the pun. I’ve been reading news stories about you. You’re trying to survive against Amazon. You fired yet another CEO. Let me give you a few ideas. What can a live box store give that an online store can’t? Premium Customer Service. But this can’t be achieved when you’ve just … More Dear Barnes and Noble: It’s time to think outside the “box” #books #reading #writing #BarnesAndNoble

I am enough–and you are enough too!

I am participating in the Writing Contest: You Are Enough, hosted by Positive Writer. Direct link here: Here goes: Please don’t tell them I’m here; I’ve been hiding from them—The Editor and The Critic. When they’re not looking, I sneak away to my offline computer, the one that doesn’t connect to the internet. It … More I am enough–and you are enough too!

Maps of my worlds

I’ve started writing a time-travel, historical novel. There are lots of things floating around in my head, and there are various ways I need to put it on paper before it can be exposed to the “real world.” I made a timeline, and obviously, since there is time travel, there will be a lot of … More Maps of my worlds

Writing Muteness

Okay, so its official term is “writer’s block” but since I don’t always feel like running with the crowd, I will call it Muteness. I have dozens of ideas in my head, some of which may hit paper or computer screen in the next few months, I am having trouble getting any of them out. … More Writing Muteness