Writing quandaries

I have started writing a historical fiction novel. It was going to involve time travel–which would fuse historical fiction with science fiction. I started out writing with the time travel part. But then I went back to the main character’s childhood, and I’ve stayed there. I have found interesting tidbits from history, and I’ve written … More Writing quandaries

Dear Barnes and Noble: It’s time to think outside the “box” #books #reading #writing #BarnesAndNoble

Dear Barnes and Noble: Pardon the pun. I’ve been reading news stories about you. You’re trying to survive against Amazon. You fired yet another CEO. Let me give you a few ideas. What can a live box store give that an online store can’t? Premium Customer Service. But this can’t be achieved when you’ve just … More Dear Barnes and Noble: It’s time to think outside the “box” #books #reading #writing #BarnesAndNoble

I am enough–and you are enough too!

I am participating in the Writing Contest: You Are Enough, hosted by Positive Writer. Direct link here: http://positivewriter.com/writing-contest-you-are-enough/ Here goes: Please don’t tell them I’m here; I’ve been hiding from them—The Editor and The Critic. When they’re not looking, I sneak away to my offline computer, the one that doesn’t connect to the internet. It … More I am enough–and you are enough too!

Maps of my worlds

I’ve started writing a time-travel, historical novel. There are lots of things floating around in my head, and there are various ways I need to put it on paper before it can be exposed to the “real world.” I made a timeline, and obviously, since there is time travel, there will be a lot of … More Maps of my worlds

Writing Muteness

Okay, so its official term is “writer’s block” but since I don’t always feel like running with the crowd, I will call it Muteness. I have dozens of ideas in my head, some of which may hit paper or computer screen in the next few months, I am having trouble getting any of them out. … More Writing Muteness

Guillotine Practice

I started doing some research on death by guillotine because Bridget Hardy, a character in my upcoming novel “Ambassador” will enter the Next World this way. As writers, we are always told “write what you know” and as Captain Obvious would state, I don’t have first hand experience with this. But I have experienced some … More Guillotine Practice

Facing my opponent

I am happy to have another story published. This is a Flash Fiction piece, published at 101words.com Here it is: Facing my Opponent Sweat cascades down my head as I peddle, one, two, three miles, uphill both ways. I race along on the treadmill to the beat of my iPod. My opponent’s picture, the one … More Facing my opponent

Things that bug me, aka First World Problems. What bugs you?

How about the guy at the gym that does one set on the machine, doesn’t wipe it off while it drips of his sweat, then paces back and forth through the other machines, with headphones on, singing intermittently and scaring the crap out of each time he starts to sing, and then goes back to … More Things that bug me, aka First World Problems. What bugs you?

Hungry for rejection?

There is a feature in a magazine called “Reject A Hit”. It is a parody of what an editor might have written when rejecting a book that turned out to be a huge success.  While the magazine seems to like printing submissions that reject classics, such as anything written by Charles Dickens, the dictionary (several … More Hungry for rejection?

Would a Prompt help?

I’m out of town today, so I thought I would recycle this “draft” that never made it to “publish.” Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. All I wanted was some silence. I rushed across the library, my customized orthotic sneaker squeaking with every step. I tried to be quiet, but my limp seemed to advertise my … More Would a Prompt help?

What if Stephen King and Flannery O’Connor teamed up to write my blog post?

We might get a little story like this: Grinder Father watched from the other side of the kitchen table as I finished my conversation and hung up the phone.  “Was that Doug you were talking to?”  I nodded. “What are you still dating him for? He’s just a “pump jump” at the gas station. All … More What if Stephen King and Flannery O’Connor teamed up to write my blog post?