Peeking into the rooms of a millionaire’s house

Starting with Wifey’s bedroom:

Yes, it seems the ultra wealthy prefer separate bedrooms…

And strangely enough, I don’t seem to have any pictures of his room. 

Oh, for those of you tuning in, this is the continuing story of our vacation, which included a tour of Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands, NY.  

Hubby (George Boldt) had quite the man-cave, “The Billiard Room”. 

Wood inlay on the walls. Chairs for guests with drink-holders carved into the arm rests.  

Note the large fish mounted over the fireplace. Even the ceiling was crazy:

Now, that’s a man-cave!

The servants didn’t have it too bad:

Kind of an American Downton Abbey. 

This was the daughter’s room:

I am sorry, but I love big gaudy curtains. 
More of my obsession with the library:

Here’s the kitchen, still in style!

Okay, the stove would be swapped out, but that’s an easy fix.  

So there are my highlights of Boldt Castle. 

Next blog, I hope to talk about hubby’s fish with a big mouth, a bee sting, and some other vacation events.  

6 thoughts on “Peeking into the rooms of a millionaire’s house

    1. I had a friend who had her own room; she and her husband made “dates” to get together. It worked for them! Also, what about a snoring spouse– that can send the other to the guest room quick.


  1. Wow. This is incredible! I love the idea of separate bedrooms, though I won’t implement it any time soon. And I lol’d when I read your statement, you love big, gaudy curtains. That tickled me~ thank you for sharing.

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