Finding Patience in the closet

We all want more patience, and we want it now.

I was leaving the Physical Therapy session, and walked over to get my coat, hat, and scarf. The man in front of me had a walker, a brace on his foot, and he moved slowly. It took him a while to get his coat and put it on. It was easy to be patient with him. He obviously had some medical issues, and was doing the best he could.

He turned and left, and I stepped forward to retrieve my coat. Another man looked me right in the eye, jumped in front of me, grabbed a hanger, knocked a Christmas bulb off the shelf, stooped to pick it up, placed it on the shelf, began putting his coat on the hanger, knocked the bulb back on the floor again, finally put his coat in the hanger and shoved his coat into the closet. He grunted “thanks” as he walked past me.

Grrrr. This is the kind of stuff I have little patience for. The rudeness! But that is the whole lesson of patience, we need to walk in patience whether the other person deserves it or not.

And that was my lesson I learned from the Patient closet.

4 thoughts on “Finding Patience in the closet

  1. People can be so rude. I have no patience for that either. I probably would have said something snarky to him if that happened to me. I’m not usually one to leave it alone because there is excuse for his behavior. So you are a bigger person than I am. Merry Christmas SueAnn! πŸŽ„

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  2. Yep. I’m with Courtney on that one. I probably would have said something like my usual, “Oh, yes, it’s all about you in this universe!” Looks like I need time in the Patient Closet. But glad to have you back on the blog. Hope you wrote that great novel in your month away.

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