Why did I give away my tiara? And other thoughts

Well here we are in Boston. No, we are not sight-seeing, it’s a medical trip.

I made a mistake when I booked the hotel, so instead of staying at the posh one-bedroom with kitchen, we are at The Dumpy and Crappy Inn. This will be funny someday, but today is not that day.

We pulled up to the front door, and knew this was not the same place we had stayed at in January. Stale cigarette smoke assaulted us when we entered the front door. They handed us a large rubermaid container with dishes, pans and silverware. There was nothing in the room. No toaster. No coffee maker.

For giggles, let me show you this, on the ceiling:

I would have never thought of hanging my clothes from the sprinkler system, but apparently this is a problem.

Off to the hospital we go. Mr. Porter is with the doctor. I am in the family waiting room.

So while I sob into my coffee cup, let me tell you about my tiara. I bought it for my wedding eleven years ago. I donated it soon after to the church where we held the wedding. They were collecting dresses and accessories for First Communion in Guatemala. I figured a girl would love it. But what about me? Don’t I deserve a tiara?! Of course I do.

These split second decisions, donating the tiara, hitting BOOK THIS ROOM too quickly, are not working out so well anymore. There was a time when I needed this Survival Skill, but that time is passed.

I need to slow down so I don’t make these kinds of mistakes again.

I could be sitting in a nice hotel wearing a tiara.


You know what else really bugs me? Hand blow dryers. Breaking News: They don’t work. I have also read recently that they are a petri-dish of bacteria. Yuck. Back to the hand shake and quick wipe of my hands on my pants. It’s cleaner.

And While we are discussing bathrooms, what’s up with self-flushing toilets?! Who thought it was a good idea to put a motion sensor on a toilet?! These things have a mind of their own. You walk into the stall, hang your purse, take off your coat, and the thing flushes. It’s over-eager, so toilet water splashes all over the seat. Get some toilet paper, wipe the seat and…flushhh…

That’s all for now folks. Have a good day.

PS. My dog is a weirdo.

5 thoughts on “Why did I give away my tiara? And other thoughts

  1. Ugh. So sorry you got the wrong place. I sure hope you can survive it. I know what you mean about those auto-flushing toilets. Sometimes they don’t flush and you can’t find a clean bowl to sit upon. Ick.

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  2. Okay, so I know you’re not thinking it’s funny but you wrote it funny so you made me laugh. The name you gave the motel–lol. Anyway, I hope things get better. Gotta love the popcorn ceiling. I have tended to make split decisions and have lived to regret a bunch of them too. For me it was selling my Civil War antiques because my husband thought they were creepy. I so wanted to please him (after a failed first marriage) that I gave away parts of who I was. I hope wisdom and self-control come with age.

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    1. Sorry about your Civil War antiques. I could see how you would like them, since you write about that era! We checked out of that hotel this morning. Hubby is being discharged from the hospital today.


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