Finally, April is over!

img_4439The temperature is into the 60’s today. Finally.

So many things going on. I’ll start in the middle, and work my way around, as usual.

I watched the movie “Come Sunday” on Netflix the other day. I recommend it. It’s based on the true story of Carlton Pearson, and shows, much like the story of George Bailey, how one man’s life affects so many others. (I started writing a full review yesterday, but I just got too tired to finish.)


Yesterday, we had a man come to the house for an estimate on how to fix our backyard. We have holes, lumps, and general mayhem since all those trees were taken down. We need to fix it before someone (me) twists their ankle.

I also had the carpet cleaners come yesterday. They are mostly clean except for one coffee stain that did not come out. I’ll try Windex. 😉


We watched the movie Black Butterfly last night.


If you stop when the FBI guy says, “my ending”, then it’s a perfect movie. If you watch 2 more minutes until they show “it was all a dream”, then NO. “It was all a dream” is a copout ending.

THE ONLY time this worked well was Newhart. When they ended the series, set in Vermont, the finale showed Bob waking up in the morning with Suzanne Plushette, who starred in his “Bob Newhart” show which took place in Chicago. This was hilarious. I think it worked. But for most shows, no, it’s bogus.


So that’s what I can share for now. Now that the sun has showed up, I can’t help but thinking of my summer vacation, and that includes Clayton, NY.

I hope!







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