“Do I still remember how to program?” edition

In my former life, I was a computer programmer. Then I got sick, then sick again, then sick again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I noticed a free Python class on the Library calendar, and figured, “why not?”

At the start of the class, the instructor had

“Hmmmm. Do I want this house, or do I want to run far, far away?”

us play a video game, which I was not very good at. I am guessing it was written in Python.

Then we had to navigate thru Windows 10. Again, I was semi-clueless.

But when we got to the nitty-gritty of programming, my old brain fired up. It made sense, and I was able to complete the assignments, simple as they were, without feeling dumb.

This may be just a quick stop along life’s journey. It may or may not lead to a job. But it does feel good to feel the synapses firing again.

Interesting factoid: Python was named for “Monty Python”, that old British TV show from the 70’s. The editor is named “IDLE” and although it is an acronym for something or other, could it really be named for Eric Idle?  Why didn’t they pick John Cleese? ha.

Maybe as I learn more, other actors’ surnames will surface as various components. The class will meet again for two more weeks.





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