Coincidence?! I don’t think so. #shopping #bargains

I took my coffee can filled with loose change to the bank Wednesday. The can tipped over in the car sending coins flying across the seat and between the seat and door. I scraped up as much as I could find.

I put the coins into the coin machine at the bank which deposits the money directly into my account. It came to $45.34 as you can see in the picture.

I needed the $40 so the $5.34 was “extra”.

I started to drive home when I felt a nudge to go to the Salvation army store. As I pulled into the parking lot I spotted a dvd holder. It was sitting outside and had not been processed yet. I needed something to organize my dvds and this looked perfect. No price on it so I asked the cashier inside the store. I was going to offer him 10 bucks, but he said, “How about five dollars.” Sure!

He rang up the sale. With tax it came to exactly $5.34.

I didn’t realize the exactness (is that a word?) until I got home and was rummaging through my receipts for the day. I cracked up laughing. Yes, God even cares about my dvd rack.

This morning I looked to find a scripture with 5:34 and found this one in the book of Mark:

I’ll take it!

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