Jesus fell

While Jesus was carrying the cross, He fell. His flesh was weak after all the beatings. His humanity had limits. So does ours. That’s why we need God so desperately.

Heart in the clouds

I endured a difficult situation at work. It was a “toxic” work environment. Yelling, swearing, verbal abuse. I finally reached end of what I could endure. I felt like a failure. If I am truly a Christian, why can’t I overcome this? Why can’t I change the atmosphere at work? I began to beat myself up.

Finally I gave up. I spoke to a manager and asked to be moved to another department.

The manager spoke to the “offending party”. He did not realize how bad he was to work with. He was wrapped up in his own pain, his own problems. He apologized to me, and so far has changed his attitude.

So God answered my prayer. He usually does answer in a way we don’t expect, doesn’t He?!

God reminded me that Jesus fell carrying the cross. He did not sin; His flesh gave out.

I was trying to be strong and thought I was trusting God. When things didn’t change in the manner that I hoped, I thought I had failed.

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