Esther vs. Jezebel #strongwomen #fightlikeagirl

Jezebel calls herself a prophet. She speaks of the evil that she wants to come to pass. By her words she misleads people to the wrong path. … More Esther vs. Jezebel #strongwomen #fightlikeagirl



Today I went through an experience of extreme fear overtaking me. Things from the past came flooding into my memory. It was very overwhelming and, to use an overused word: terrifying.  Usually when I feel emotions this strongly, I find some food and stuff the feelings back down. The fear is too much; I feel … More Common


My “homework” for my writing class was a choice between two things. First, using the lyrics from the song “Windy” write something. Second choice, quotes from the movie “Gone with the Wind.” I decided to put the homework sheet aside, and see what turned up. I figured lots of folks would decide to write about the leaves … More Windy