Just a little #chilly

Ye olde wind chill factor. Brr. According to Mr. Porter today might reach as low as -40 ! Even Bailey, who loves long walks in the cold weather, started limping because his paws were getting too cold. Even Bailey wanted a shorter walk. Yesterday I discovered another bag of winter clothes which included my heavy … More Just a little #chilly


“The soul hardly ever realizes it, but whether he is a believer or not, his loneliness is really a homesickness for God.” –Hubert Van Zeller Related articles Loneliness (yessiesuniartie7.wordpress.com) Sermonette: Christian take on loneliness (buffalochristian.wordpress.com) Emotional Code- Loneliness (dorfmanhealing.wordpress.com) Criss Jami: Popularity and loneliness (linusfernandes.com) Prosperity of Loneliness (wordsrhymesandrhythm.wordpress.com) Loneliness (thedrunklaredoan.com) Loneliness (lifereference.wordpress.com) Dementia Chats … More Loneliness

Dressing like a Canadian, and other random thoughts

It’s that time of year. Every January in the North East, we get about 10 days were the temperature plummets.  We are here. Clothing is not so much about what “looks” good these days. A hat that flattens my hair, then makes it stand up straight like Kramer-head? (sometimes referred to as “hat head”…)If it covers my ears, … More Dressing like a Canadian, and other random thoughts