Dressing like a Canadian, and other random thoughts

We are Here!
We are Here!

It’s that time of year. Every January in the North East, we get about 10 days were the temperature plummets.  We are here.

Clothing is not so much about what “looks” good these days. A hat that flattens my hair, then makes it stand up straight like Kramer-head? (sometimes referred to as “hat head”…)If it covers my ears, it works for me.

Two layers of shirts, followed by a sweater that makes me look like I gained 30 pounds. Bring it on.

An extra large coat, that makes me look like a sick snow man, but keeps my body core temperature up? Sure.

Two pairs of socks, and some nice “man boots” to keep my toes from frostbite? No prob.


Moisturizing cream for my face, instead of make-up, protects me from the blustery wind, and ice/snow combo flying in my face.

I will continue to hide from the Fashion Police!

So enough of that,–I’m indoors, the heat is on 70-ish, and I only have two layers of shirts on. I try not to think about the electric/gas bill that will be coming in next month….

I am working on updating my husbands resume.  Content is important, but so is the page “layout.”  What’s hip and in style for resumes and cover letters seems to change every few years; I suppose it’s to keep the Head Hunters and Resume Writers in business.

It really stresses the brain, wrestling with decisions for every comma, period, is that a sentence, does it need to be a sentence, does it look better bold or italicized, is it ok if it goes over 2 pages if I have a summary in the beginning?

Is Times New Roman the best font, or should I pick something slightly different, so that it stands out from the others?

Whew! I finally got the first rough draft done, and while my hubby looks over the resume, I will decide what’s for dinner…….salad or veggies….chicken or fish……

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