I began my day with a horse pill

So it can only get better from here, right?

I’ve been fighting a cold of some sort for weeks. I went to the doctor, who gave me horse pills, so hopefully I will feel better soon.

I never used to get sick very much as far as colds go, but since the Great Vertigo Summer last year, my immune system has not been so great. I do take all kinds of vitamins and herb supplements, so I can only blame the weather at this point.

Next year I hope to plan better, to spend a few weeks in the Carolinas, Florida, or Arizona, where friends have invited me to visit during winter.

I don’t like flying much due to the TSA but I will have to put that aside to be in a warmer place.

Now to sit down with next year’s calendar and make some plans!

6 thoughts on “I began my day with a horse pill

    1. I guess I remember the “old days” when you just walked on the plane, no one had to inspect your lunch bag. And I hate taking off my shoes! Ugh! It’s hard to put them back on without falling over.


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