I know I am not the only person who stresses out and then EATS.
I just don’t know how to stop it.

After the fridge dying the other day, the whole house was torn apart. Cabinets had to be taken down, but first, their contents had to be removed…into boxes. So now there’s more boxes on the floor. The couches were moved to make a ‘path’ for the guys to bring in the new fridge. The house is a disaster area.

Then I found out my insurance has not been paying all my claims. And other stuff happened.

Anyway, I can only go so long before I am compelled to buy a cake and eat it. The sugar calms my brain like nothing else. Not alcohol, not exercise, not even prayer I am embarrassed to say.

I am still working on learning how to ‘label’ feelings. I was not allowed to have any feelings for the first 22 years of my life, so this is difficult for me. So I binge.

Please forgive me.

One thought on “Binge

  1. Oh wow, this is good–isn’t it freeing to be transparent here? I so know about not being allowed to have feelings–wow. So, of course now at nearly 60, I have them all over the place! And I’m not sure I need to ask forgiveness–God bless you, my dear!


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