Walt Disney and “The Mouse”

Long before Mickey Mouse existed, Walt Disney worked with his brother Roy on another character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Long story short, Universal Studios, who was working with Walt and Roy, STOLE the Rabbit characters, along with most of Disney’s workers.

Imagine how much that must have stung! Put yourself in “his shoes” for a minute– everything you have worked for STOLEN from you.   I personally, would be quite distraught, angry, feel betrayed and all those bad feelings that we humans avoid.

Walt could have said, “Forget it. I’ll just go work at a hardware store. Or pick apples. Or pump gas. I give up.”

But Walt came up with Mickey Mouse. And we know how THAT turned out.

With his brother Roy’s business sense, Walt was able to let his inner artist do his thing. Roy took care of the business, dollars and sense side of things.

For every starving artist, they need a ROY.  A Roy handles the business needs, while the Walt does the artwork!


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