Last Night’s Dream

What if Lazarus had been in the tomb, not 4 days, or 4 months, not even 4 years, but 4 decades?

What is the cut-off point for God to do a miracle?

I dreamed last night that I prayed for several deceased family members to come back to life: My Uncle, my grandmother on my father’s side, her husband– my grandfather,and finally my father.

All of them had been in Hell.

All of them were very happy to come back to earth and be given another chance. Their faces were ashen, their bodies were swollen, and their clothes were tattered.

I asked if they had been in Hell. “Yes”, replied my uncle. “It was awful there. Thank you for getting me out.” He did not go into detail, but said that there was
screaming and great pain.

The others said the same. They did not want to go into detail because it was so awful.

Why do we think there is a cut-off point of 4 days? Jesus said that He was going to theFather, and “greater works than this you shall do because I go to the Father.” It is recorded in the Gospel that he raised several people from the dead. He healed several people who had been blind. He healed a few lame people, who
could then walk again.

We as The Church aren’t even doing this much.

How are we to do the Greater Works?

Why is there such a huge disconnect between what Jesus said, and what is actually going on? And how do we fix it?

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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