Rain Man Photography, Inc. – A Quick Trip to Lake Placid

We made a quick gettaway and drove to Upstate New York.

My husband and I needed a break from our everyday lives, so I called my mother to watch the dog, we packed some essentials, and took off. By the way, my husband is an excellent driver.

I took my camera, which is still a stranger to me, although I’ve owned it for a year.
I tried to capture some good pictures as we drove along Keene Valley. It’s one of the most beautiful places in New York State.  We rushed to get to Lake Placid and sign into the hotel, so we would feel that we were officially ‘there’.
A country view from the highway.
We finally checked into the room, having blown-off the eager Canadian workers who wanted to help us carry our luggage to the elevator. My husband explained that we had been sitting for hours and needed the exercise. They  DEFINATELY were not happy campers, and mumbled something in French. [I took French over 30 years ago in high school, but I’m sure what they said was not taught in class anyway.]
The weather was not the greatest on the first day we arrived. We did have an interesting view from our hotel room window.
Will it rain or won't it? The jury was still out at this point.
We decided to go downtown for dinner. On the way back, it the weather did indeed decide that a hard rain was gonna fall. I luckily had brought my $2 thrift store rain jacket. Hubby was not so lucky.
We climbed the steep incline to return to our hotel. Just as we reached the top, some jokester jeered, “Hey, you forgot something down there!” “Keep it!” I called back.
We found a list of Top Ten Things To Do and Number 4 was “Take an hour walk around Mirror Lake, 2.8 miles. ” Ok, sign me up for that. Flat ground.
Walking by Mirror Lake

While walking around Mirror Lake, we were passed by speed racing bicycles, jogging grannies (who outpaced me by triple), and people speaking French. Coming towards us, were people with baby strollers, more jogging grannies, and more people speaking French.

I DO have some nice pictures from the trip…but I’m not sharing just yet. I am tired of arguing with my PC and this software today. I’ll be back another day.

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