Dinner with an old friend

Isn’t it great when you see an old friend? It’s like you just saw each other yesterday, even though it was really 4 years and 15 days ago.  You fill each other in on the happenings and who’s who since the last time you saw each other.

I met up with a friend Friday night for dinner. We stayed at the diner for over 4 hours. I had to check with the waitress and the manager to make sure it was ok that we stayed that long! They were fine with it. They know me, and they know I pay my bill and tip well.

Also, the diner staff knows that I was there one night, when a bunch of teenagers literally ate and RAN. I was in the parking lot, and saw a bunch of teenagers running out of the diner, into the car, and they took off. It look suspicious to me, so I wrote down the license plate. I went into the diner and talked to the waitress. Yes, they had left without paying. We compared our license plate numbers and they were the same. She called the cops. Meanwhile, I saw the car, which had gone North, suddenly drive by going South. Silly kids. Don’t they know I’ve been around the block a few times?

Long story short, the cops got them. They got arrested. Their parents had to pay the bill.

So the diner staff doesn’t mind if I hang around a long time talking to a friend. They can trust me.

So if all goes well, in two weeks I will be meeting my friend again at the same diner for another visit.

There’s nothing like old friends!


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