Happy 50th Birthday…Again.

Yesterday I celebrated my 5oth birthday–one year late.

I was confined to a hospital bed for my REAL 50th, having just endured a hip replacement surgery, and was unable to manuever stairs. The worst part, aside from needing help in the shower…was the necessity of a raised toilet seat. Feeling 80 when you are 50 is no fun at all. (I’m guessing feeling 80 at 80 is no fun either?)

I have a friend who was at my party(!) who was undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer during the time she turned 50. She didn’t get a big party either. But she lived, and that’s the best gift of all.

[My bout with Breast Cancer ruined the summer the year before, and was also coupled with my custody battle for my son. But that’s another story…]

Yesterday, we put aside all the pettiness and drama that usually gets in the way at family gatherings, and just enjoyed ourselves. The food seemed to multiply like the fish and the loaves of Jesus’ day. There was more leftover than eaten. Strangely, the beverages seemed to do the same.

Maybe next year, I should be 30…again.

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