Nobody really warned me about Menopause.

When we are in 5th grade, they bombard us with Puberty information–what’s going to happen. We are not left clueless. Not so with menopause.

I had a friend tell me that it ended for her the same way puberty started: She had a big huge shake to her system, and puberty started. She had a big huge shake and menopause was over.

Hot flashes are especially annoying. I experience two kinds. One is just my face burning, like my face is being barbequed.  Then I have the full-body hot flashes that feel like I am being barbequed. This is especially fun  while I am sleeping during the winter, and kick the covers off. I then wake up freezing, covered in sweat. Good times.

I asked my doctor if there was a way to speed it up. She said no. Maybe this could be the next drug developed????


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