My Big, Fat Trip to Lake Placid (and AuSable Chasm)

insertpicturehere….well I can’t find the pics. use your imagination. 🙂

If you’ve ever been to Lake Placid, NY, [the home of the 1980 Winter Olympics], you know that the “locals” there are in good shape. As you drive the highways, there are bicyclists biking on the shoulders of the roads. Signs everywhere warn you to “share the road.” These “bikers” go for miles and miles. And they are in phenomenal shape. Less than 1% body fat. Ok, so I exaggerate.

The issue is, I am a member of Weight Watchers, and have battled the bulge my whole life. Hubby and I walk around up there, watching skinny people go by with their HUGE ice cream cones, while we jealously look on, and try to estimate how many Weight Watcher Plus points that dessert is!

Even the Canadian tourists are in good shape. Every time I noticed a woman walking with her husband and three kids, and noticed she was in great shape, invariably she would start speaking French. You could pick the American Tourists out of the crowd, too. Sadly.

We took a trip to Au Sable Chasm, also known as the “Grand Canyon of the East.” It’s a stunning place. We decided to take the “hiking” trip around the Chasm.

After you walk for a little while, the signs and maps tell of a choice of trails to take. One is “easy” and one is for those who are well, athletic types. We chose the easy path, less traveled by, and that was rough enough.

I felt a little self-conscious, knowing that I could not compete with those skinny people. But I had to remember: at least I was outside walking. I was NOT home stuffing my face with cookies to stifle the pain.

And I lost 2.4 pounds that week.

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