Weight Watchers Date Nite

Image by whologwhy via Flickr

My husband and I look forward to Tuesday nights, because we go to Weight Watchers.

We joined out of desperation; but we keep going because the Leader is so down-to-earth, and the “ladies in the front row” are so funny.

Our leader reminds us that “only eating 5 cookies” can be an accomplishment if you used to eat only eat one box.

Walking 3 laps around the couch is the way to start an exercise plan if you are unable to walk to the mailbox.

One woman who sits up front was happy to tell us that she had been able to work Fluffernutter into her food plan. Two tablespoons of Fluff is only one point. Then she puts it in a small bowl, and eats it with a baby spoon. Bravo!

Weight Watchers teaches normal humans (not those who can NOT afford personal trainers and chefs) how to change their lifestyle to incorporate occasional snacks, so they don’t feel deprived, but also to chose mostly healthy options and FEEL FULL.

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