The fish, the loaves, the apostles and me

Image by treehouse1977 via Flickr

There is the story about the first time Jesus turned fish and loaves into enough to feed 5,000. With leftovers.

A few pages later, (a few weeks?), the apostles find themselves in another Crowd Situation, with no food. They are clueless as to what to do.  This time, there are LESS people, approximately 4,000. Of course, Jesus takes the fish and loaves and feeds the crowd. With leftovers.

I used to wonder, how could the apostles not know Jesus was going to feed the masses? He did it before. He WILL certainly do it again.

Then I looked in the mirror.

How many times have I made the same mistake?! God provided a job for me in 1986, so in 1996, why was I so scared He would not open the door for me to get the new job I wanted?

He did it before. He WILL certainly do it again.

Times when I had no food in the fridge, the phone would ring, and someone would invite me to dinner.

Once I did not have the rent money, and then got a check in the mail that I was not expecting.

For some reason, I think because the Lord bailed me out of a situation, He won’t do it next time…like I  don’t deserve it.[ In ourselves, we don’t deserve it, but Jesus made us worthy!]

He got us through the last crisis….He will certainly bring us through this one too!

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