Before you decide what you want for Christmas…

..why not decide to change someone else’s life?

Give a gift of compassion!

Gospel for Asia‘s Gift Catalog is now online. Instead of buying more electronic gadgets, or other items to keep up (or surpass) the proverbial Joneses, think about sending a gift to a person in Asia who will deeply appreciate it.  [You can then give your friends gift cards telling them a gift has been given in their name.]

Here are some examples of gifts you can give that can change the world, one person at a time:

  • For $12, you can give a blanket for a cold night.
  • For $25, you can provide a fishing net for a fisherman.
  • For only $10, you can give a mosquito net, to guard a person against Malaria.

For more gift-giving ideas that help change the world:

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