Who decided AVERBS were illegal?

After all, parts of speech are, well, parts of speech


I’ve been reading books, blogs, magazines, and almost everything I can get my hands on to learn how to be a better writer, storyteller, blogger, or just a communicator.

It seems that Adverbs have become illegal.

I understand that we want to get maximum mileage out of nouns and verbs, but sometimes I just like me an adverb so very, very much.

I like to read that someone “quickly ran”, rather than “sprinted”. Who the heck sprints?

I’d rather see “she picked up the egg carefully” than “she cradled the egg.” I mean really, unless she was a bird in a nest, I don’t that that’s really going on.

George Orwell in 1984 writes “Winston gazed abstractedly through the muslin curtain.” Is 1984 no longer a classic because someone somewhere decided we don’t want the LY words?!

I would like to quickly say, that I am unlikely stop using adverbs anytime soon. I definitely like their ease of use. Usually adverbs pop into my mind spontaneously, and helpfully explain a given situation.


Sue Ann

2 thoughts on “Who decided AVERBS were illegal?

  1. Oh goodness–I’m laughing and loving this so much!! Must be the English major in me–thanks so very very much!! Have an abundantly blessed day.


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