White is a color and other observations


We bought our down-sized house, and have lots of fixin-up to do before we move in.

I am currently at the garage, waiting for my car.  In the waiting area is a Loud Breather and another person who seems normal. This pic hangs on the wall beside me:

Reminds me of that happy-painter-dude from the seventies.

Anyway, we started painting the family room. As you can see, the previous owner painted around the bookcase. Ugh. There was also water damage from leaks in the roof and window, so I bought a bucket of Killz paint and stain blocker.  This stuff is fabulous, although we are now on our second coat.

I had intended to paint this room a soft green to go with our furnishings. But after two coats of Killz, I have to agree with our friend who told us, “White is a color.”

Also up for discussion is the Great De-Pinking Project. The kitchen cabinets were painted pink. Yes pink. So I am undecided as to how to solve this problem.  I might use the new chalk paint that goes right over the old paint, and paint them white. Stripping the pink would show the wood, which is nice. Or, paint them to match the cabinets in the dining area:

We will see!

Well that’s all for now. Naptime.


8 thoughts on “White is a color and other observations

    1. That’s a good idea, Terri. No one would see in inside but me. I am leaning towards painting them white, as I think that will be the least time-consuming. Sanding them down to the wood will be a lot of work. The results would be nicer, but I don’t know if I want to invest that much time. White is a color LOL…


    2. I think the white pain will be the easiest solution. Although the sanding and the painting of the wood will probably look nicer, I want to paint it and be done so I have more time for writing….:-)


    1. I forgot that it was by Annie Sloan so thanks for the reminder! I am leading toward using her paint. It will save weeks of work. Then i was thinking of doing a stencil design over it to make it pop. What
      Do you think?


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