Yard Sale Bargains

george foreman

I stopped at a yard sale the other day. I picked up a Brand New George Foreman grill, never used, still in the box for 5 bucks! That’s my kind of shopping.

I grabbed a few extenstion cords for 25 cents each. I got a wallet for a quarter. I drove through piles of purses, bundles of books, seas of cds, and crafty Christmas flowers. I spent a total of $11.25.

As I looked at all the fabric, sewing needles, sewing instruction books, and embellishments, I assumed this must have been a talented, busy person.

There were tables full of kitchen gadgets, pots, pans, and plates. There was some furniture in good condition, which sold very quickly. A guy stopped by with a trailer and loaded it up.

As I walked away, I figured this must be the earthly belongings of a Grandma, who either passed away or had recently been admitted to a Nursing Home. I suppose she led a long, full life, busy with family, friends, cooking, and hobbies.

But when we leave Planet Earth, all these things are left behind. All these important things lose their importance when faced with Eternity.

A man once said that his life goal was, “To go to Heaven and to take as many people with me as possible.”

When it’s all over, and it’s time to go to the next life, the only thing that really matters at all is where you spend Eternity.

Do you know Jesus? Have you believed on His finished work at the cross for the payment of your sins?

His Free Gift of Eternal Salvation to all that believe is truly the best bargain there is.

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