My evening at Grief Share

Grief (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night I attended my first Grief Share meeting, as I want relief and guidance on my “mourning journey.”

There was a wonderful bunch of folks there. First we introduced ourselves, and talked about our loved one that we lost. Some people there had lost their adult children, in car accidents to drunk drivers!

My heart ached for those folks, losing a child would be heart wrenching no matter how it happens, but to have a drunk driver…..well, the anger must be layers deep.

Others lost a spouse or a parent. Everyone’s grief is different, and every relationship that we lose is different. For example, one person lost a parent and a sibling within a close period of time. It’s difficult to sort out feelings for each one, grieve each one, and try not to feel guilty because the feelings are different.

We then watched a video/dvd that basically said those things….everyone’s journey is different.

I shared that I have trouble  crying, and that I would actually like to cry more often. But I told them that I write, journal, blog, and scribble  just to get the feelings out. Some of the folks also journal, others were impressed that I write because they are not able to, but they are able to cry.

So I guess our outlets are different too.

I left feeling a little less alone in my journey…and a little less judgemental of myself that I cannot cry!

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