What are you reading lately?

Library warning poster
Photo credit: Phil Bradley)

I went to the library the other day to pick up 2 books that were reserved for me. One is by Corrie ten Boom, the Dutch woman who hid Jews during WWII.

If you know anything about Ms. ten Boom, she was a very strong Christian, and had her faith tested severely when she and her sister were sent to the concentration camp.

Her sister died in captivity.  I skimmed through Corrie’s book, and she writes with such deep love for all people, and deep love for God. She is humble, and says all her power and strength come from God.

The other book I picked up, hold onto your hats, was Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. Now this man was very full of himself….I read the first chapter or so, that speak about his childhood. All he does is brag. “*I* was very good in art, better than anyone else. *I* understood complex concepts, *I* was smarter than my friends.”

The beat goes on. It reminds me of the passage in Isaiah 14 when Satan says “I will ascend, I will be like the most high.” And we know how that turned out.

I truly doubt I will read ALL of Mein Kampf, but I was interested to get a flavor of what went on in Adolf’s head, because we know there is nothing new under the sun, and ideas like his get recycled. It’s always good to know your enemy.

I will probably read Corrie ten Boom’s book several times, and absorb as much as I can. She died victorious.

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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