Fire Prevention Posters

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The Year With Mrs. Whitlock

Each year, a fireman would come to school to teach us about fire safety and prevention. Usually there would be an assembly in the gym/multi-purpose room for all the students to learn how to prevent common fires, and what to do if there is a fire.

When we went back to our classrooms, we were given booklets with lessons about fire safety, and some pictures of firetrucks to color.

We went to Art class, and began to work on our Fire Prevention Posters. Usually, the easiest and most popular topic was, “Don’t Smoke in Bed.” I guess this happened quite frequently back-in-the-day. And I don’t think very many people had smoke detectors in their house, either. (Nowadays, I set my smoke detector off just about every time I use the oven…my dog is not happy!)

I also made a poster warning, “Don’t Smoke in Bed.” We worked on them for…

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