Second Grade School Store

Grocery Store Haul
(Photo credit: brixton)

[Say that three times fast.]

In second grade our teacher had us create a grocery store and learn the value of money.

We were told to bring in empty boxes, such as oatmeal and cereal boxes, and some empty washed-out milk containers. The teacher had some cans that were specially made, with no ingredients inside but with the labels intact.

We put price tags on the items. We tried to price them as close to “real” prices at the time.

It took a few weeks to set the store up, so in the mean time we would pay close attention to grocery shopping with our parents.

The teacher then gave us all some money. Of course it was fake, and had little plastic quarters, nickles, dimes and pennies. We even had a make-shift cash register, and took turns running the register and giving change back from purchases.

I don’t know for sure, but I would doubt that second graders these days are taught how to compare prices on groceries, how to count change back from a dollar, or how to budget money.

Sadly, high school students aren’t taught either.

2 thoughts on “Second Grade School Store

  1. When I was in sixth grade, my teacher helped us earn monopoly money by doing extra credit assignments, after school chores, etc… Once a quarter (I think), he had a “store” with mostly used books and games, but things we thought we treasures, and we could bid on them. I fondly remember those days.


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