I lost my NECK at the Movies

IMG_2313My husband and I went to see “Identity Thief” at the movies yesterday. I was shocked that the “F” word was the least offensive swear word in the movie. I had no idea that the movie was going to have so many vulgar scenes. Most of you reading this probably think I’m prudish; and you are entitled to your opinion. But it smacked me in the face as to how far we as a society have strayed from any form of decency, knowledge of right and wrong, difference between good and evil.

There were teenagers sitting in back of us, and they laughed through the whole movie. This is what the new generation thinks is comedy. That really scares me.

So back to my NECK. I have these little turtlenecks. Years ago any kind of added collar was called a “dickey” but due to the re-framing of the meaning of that word, I just call them NECKS.

In the middle of winter, it gets pretty cold here. My neck is very sensitive to the cold weather. I can’t stand wearing turtleneck sweaters, because when I go inside the house, I feel like I am trapped and suffocated. So I found a way that I can have my neck covered outside, and not feel like someone is choking me when I go indoors. Enter the “neck.”

My aunts introduced me to necks years ago. They had different colors to match to their outfits. They wore them to look stylish and not have a whole ‘nother layer of shirt on. I modified their use to keep me warm in this incredibly chilly weather.

What is really fun about these necks is when I take one off in front of someone who doesn’t know me. When someone sees me rip off my neck for the first time, their face scrunches together as they try to process how a person could take off a turtleneck without being naked. I crack up every time I see it.

surprised face
surprised face (Photo credit: matýsek)

When my husband and I left the movies yesterday, we were almost to the car before I noticed that I had lost my neck. He volunteered to go back in and look for it, but I was already hungry, grumpy, and wanted to go home.

Someone will find the neck while they are cleaning the theatre, and be surprised…..

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