A cruise ship? (revisited)

IMG_1457My last post was my own idea of what may have occurred while a passenger on Noah’s ark.

Sometimes I feel that I am on an ark, cruising from point A to point B. It’s usually not fun or comfortable but a necessary journey to point B.

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So after Noah’s ark rode the high seas for forty days and forty nights of rain and storm, it finally stopped raining. Ok, forty days and nights is bad enough, but then we read:

Gen 7:24  And the waters prevailed upon the earth an hundred and fifty days.

A hundred and fifty more days! Stuck in a stinky ark! Waiting for the water to dry up. THEN……

Genesis 8:5-12 Says Noah sent out a dove, and she returned because she found no tree to sit in. So he waited seven more days and sent the dove out again! This time she returned with an olive branch, so Noah knew that there was at least the top of a tree available. He waited another seven days, and sent the dove out again, and this time she did not return.

Ouch. Forty days, plus 150 days, plus a week, and another week, and another…. How badly do you suppose they wanted to get off that ark! Personally, I would have been grumpy!

Waiting for the things we pray for is not usually comfortable, but God promises us peace if we trust Him. While Noah & Co. were in the ark, they were protected, fed, and taken care of by God. But it was probably not the most fun they ever had. Even the most faith-filled person cries out at times because we are stuck in this earth-suit.

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