Spent the week at the Hospital

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Most of this week was spent driving back and forth to the hospital, and sitting next to my step-father’s bed, waiting, waiting and waiting for his surgery. He was unable to swallow without the food going into his lungs. Finally, after EIGHT days, they took him into surgery to remove and biopsy several masses on his neck.

Unfortunately, no answers were found. The mass IS not cancerous, and of course we are thankful for that. But there is still something wrong that causes the food to go down into his lungs instead of into his stomach. The doctor put in a feeding tube through his nose, but obviously this is a short-term answer.

This week was a blur. Hubby and I had planned to go back to our routine at the gym, etc. But my mother has been staying with us, as we live close to this particular hospital. So I drove back and forth with her, as she is not familiar with the area, and absolutely hates going into the parking garage alone at night.

So if you would like to beam up some prayers for my step-father’s recovery, it would be appreciated.

Thanks All,


8 thoughts on “Spent the week at the Hospital

  1. Best wishes for you and your family. When my elderly mother had problems with choking as she ate. She was told to keep her chin pulled in to help her swallow. I don’t know if this would help him or not to prevent food going “down the wrong pipe” as we used to say.


  2. Maybe you need Doctor House. He may be rude but he gets the job done, what a pity he’s fictional I keep forgetting he’s really English too, even though I’ve spoken to him in real life.


    1. LOL. I would be fine with Dr. House, with the American accent OR the British accent, as long as he can cure my step father, I would gladly take the verbal abuse.



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