13 thoughts on “Religion?

    1. I think Snowden and Bradley are heroes. I’m not sure what you mean by “in the religious context”? I think they are great men, with extreme bravery, standing for righteousness.


      1. I think so too, if their actions do not crash the spirit of Christianity, why Bradley was sentenced to 136 years jail term in a Christian country; wonder if Christians in USA will gather to protest it?


  1. Religion is many things to many people. This is just one suggestion as to how to put our charity where our mouth is. That keeping “oneself unspotted” is a tall order.


    1. Yes Rose, it is many things, and thus the question mark. 🙂 Paul is telling us in this verse (in my opinion) that if we are not taking care of the most needy…what are we really doing?


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