Would you like to help widows and Orphans?


We had a surprise guest attend our usual Tuesday prayer group, Pastor Betty Wodila, from Uganda.

There are no coincidences with God, in my humble opinion, and since the widows and orphans subject has been on my mind during the past week, Betty was sent across my path.

Moms and Babies
Moms and Babies

In Uganda, the hospitals do not feed the patients! The hospital supplies a bed and medicine, but a patient has to rely on a family member to bring them food. And it’s not like in the US, where you can just stop at Subway and grab a sandwich, or pop a frozen dinner in the microwave. In Uganda, people must grow their own food, or buy it fresh, then they cook it outdoors on open fires. This is time consuming. Then of course, they don’t just jump into the mini-van and speed down to the hospital. Most folks have feet for transportation. It’s very difficult for many families to care for those in the hospital. Many patients die of starvation.  Betty and her group of volunteers bring food to the patients in the hospital.

Betty and her husband also bring food to prisoners. Female prisoners have their babies with them; the babies also wear a prison uniform!

Below Moses is distributing salt to widows.

Distributing Salt to widows
Distributing Salt to widows

The website is http://www.Ebenezergospel.net  (The website is currently offline.)

If you would like to donate to this charity for widows, orphans, the sick, and the imprisoned please click the PayPal button. Thank you!
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For my Christian friends, please pray for the finances needed for this wonderful ministry!

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