So Betty went back to Uganda

CookingOutdoorsBetty came to the USA to visit us for a few weeks, and has returned home to Uganda, to continue her work with widows and orphans. She and her group of helpers cook outdoors, and then distribute the food to those who have none.


This is a picture of the workers distributing food from the large blue buckets, and scooping out the food with bowls to feed the hungry. These blue buckets are like the ones we would use to mop our floors, with dirty water in them. But in Uganda, they are filled with food for the needy.

I sometimes think how I feel after skipping a meal, or waiting a few extra hours to have a meal. It’s uncomfortable. But I always know there will be food. I try to stop and imagine if I were hungry, but had no idea when I was going to eat again. It’s sobering. Listening to Betty talk about life there really wakes a person up to how much we take for granted here. I need to be more thankful daily!

Here is another picture of the cooks in their “kitchen” area. You can see the materials that make up the building, such as the aluminum walls. Also notice the large cooking vessels. That’s a lot of meals!


Betty’s ministry in Uganda is Ebenezer Gospel Ministries. The website has not been up the past few days, but it is

One of the things Jesus spoke about was feeding the hungry. How we treat them is a reflection of what we think of Him.

BlueBuckets1I am trying to find ways to raise money to send to Betty’s ministry in Uganda.

NO pyramid schemes, please.

5 thoughts on “So Betty went back to Uganda

  1. There’s a brilliant charity called Plan International, that you can ‘ adopt’ children through. The money goes to help individual children, especially girls, get an education, and also on helping their community dig wells, plant crops and set up micro businesses. It’s incredibly rewarding, because you get letters from these kids, and little reports from the charity telling you what the situation is. It’s quite an eye-opener for your children too, when they read about a little girl of eight having to walk for two hours to get some water, or go to school. Good luck with funding Betty.


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