My neighbor’s raspberries

IMG_2842Before we get to the raspberries, I want to talk about a gift in a garbage bag.

A published author at a Writing Conference told us, “Whenever I think of something I want to save for later, I write it down on a scrap paper and keep it in a big hefty bag.” She opened the garbage bag and showed us a few slips of paper that she had written a thought, a phrase, or a feeling. “When I’m writing my books and I need some inspiration, I grab some notes from here.”

She has successfully published (and sold) zillions of books, so obviously this method works for her. I was grateful that she shared such a secret with us, and I felt like I was set free. I have days when ideas float by, but I don’t have enough to make a story or an essay. Then I get frustrated that I can’t bring an idea to completion. But now I know, I can just scribble down a few words, put them away for later, and be inspired.

I remembered her words the other day as I walked around my yard, taking pictures of the flowers and vegetable garden. Then it hit me: my neighbor’s raspberries. How many different ways could I use this as inspiration?

1. The raspberries are always riper on the other side of the fence. My life vs. their life, or on a larger scale, how people perceive other groups of people.

2. The raspberries can represent the good people who live next door, with their lives in full bloom. The average American family, how busy they are with growing children.

3. How happy I am that some of their raspberry plants have wandered over to our side of the fence, because the raspberries are delicious!  How good things happen to good people, and how to see the bright side of things.  Or how fences/walls can be overcome by people who are goal oriented.

4. I could write about growing your own fruit and veggies, vs. GMO‘s and the evil that is MonsantoFull books could be written on all this. (and have been)

I often think back to the author and her secret garbage bag–a bag of treasures yet to be realized. I am grateful that she shared her strange secret with me.

7 thoughts on “My neighbor’s raspberries

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