How I finally quit smoking

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It’s the worst addiction of them all. It’s not just the nicotine; it’s all those other chemicals they put in there that make those cigarettes so addicting. I quit and restarted several times over the course of a decade, but I finally quit. (It’s been at least 15 years now.)

Believe me, if you are still smoking, I am not judging you! I just want you to be healthier. And free.

Here a few things that helped me.

1.) Advice from a cessation program: “Don’t try to lie to yourself that you don’t want a cigarette. You do want it, but you choose not to have it.”

2.) Nicotine gum. The gum gives you that quick zip to the brain. Until you are no longer addicted to all the other chemicals, the gum will still give you the jolt you are looking for.

3.) Ricola cough drops. Ok, this might count as advertising, but the cough drops contain many of the herbs that are sold on the internet for big bucks.

Herbs in Ricola Cough drops

Sage –Modern evidence shows possible uses as an anti-sweating agent, antibiotic, antifungal, astringent, antispasmodic, estrogenic, hypoglycemic, and tonic.

Linden Flowers – Linden flowers are used in herbalism for colds, cough, fever, infections, inflammation, high blood pressure, headache (particularly migraine), and as a diuretic (increases urine production), antispasmodic (reduces smooth muscle spasm along the digestive tract), and sedative.

Horehound – to aid digestion, soothe sore throats, and relieve inflammation. Helps to expel phlegm from the respiratory bronchial system. It affects the respiration directly by dilating vessels.

Wild Thymewild thyme is full of thymol which is used by most druggists as a powerful antiseptic. It is an active element in all disinfectants, mouthwashes and even gargles. The Romans used the wild thyme as an independent medication to heal depressions.

Lemon Balmblood cleanser, mild sedative or calming agent

Mallow–  helps cure nausea, relieving the mucous membranes lining the upper respiratory system

Elder- anti-inflammatory, detoxification,

Thyme – – calms nervous conditions, antiseptic used in mouthwashes, remove mucus from respiratory passages, fights infections

Hyssop – remedy for respiratory disorders of all kinds

Peppermint – aid to the process of digestion

Every so often I will meet someone trying to quit, and I will give them a gift bag with a box of nicotine gum and 2 bags of Ricola.

I hope this helps someone today.

16 thoughts on “How I finally quit smoking

    1. Ricola is helpful 2 ways– all the herbs that help your body clean out the toxins, plus it gives you something to do with your mouth besides smoke. 🙂
      The blog must be for YOU today…best wishes to you for becoming an ex-smoker 😉


  1. I took a “quit smoking” class and one thing they suggested quitters do is to drink water. It’s calorie free, and will distract your brain from cigarettes…..


  2. Those guys on the mountain shouting ‘Ricola’ have given it a whole new meaning. I will definately try some of these!


  3. I was so happy to find your post and the fact you used Ricolas! I ran out of gum and chose to quit cold turkey. Well I don’t have any normal gum nor hard candy to help through the cravings. I saw my Ricola bag there and have been using them all day! I was curious if anyone else tried this! Thanks for sharing!


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