Freshly Pressed “Groupies”

Word PressMaybe you’ve noticed them. They buzz around the Freshly Pressed page, commenting on every FP post, agreeing with everything. Sometimes, they even include a link back to their own blog. They are the Freshly Pressed Groupies.

They will “Like” your Freshly Pressed post. They will comment and blather on about what a great post it is. They will “Follow” you.

But you’ll never hear from them again. After you are Freshly Pressed, and you are center stage for the day, they run away like you are last week’s newspaper–after sitting in the bottom of the bird cage.

Their own blogs are either boring or non-existent. They can’t seem to get Freshly Pressed themselves, so they stay where they think ALL the action is, on the front page, the Freshly Pressed, the FP-FP.

Maybe they were bottle fed.

Maybe they were dropped on their head.


I have found WordPress to be a mini-family in cyberspace, more entertaining than Facebook. But that’s because I read and comment on posts that are–wait for it–NOT Freshly Pressed. I read about the day-in, day-out lives of real people, not superstars (yet)–although are Super Stars to me.

I do check out Freshly Pressed, and yes, I had the honor once. But after the thrill is gone, it’s the real people that keep coming back to read and comment.

wordpressfamilyaward Just as we have good days and bad days, exciting thrilling days, and boring days, we hang in there.

Because that’s what family does.

So Groupies, you are welcome to join the FAMILY. Where one day is good, and another is boring.

That’s how you connect with other humans.


9 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed “Groupies”

  1. I have never been bored by any of your posts. Had I not hit the wrong button, (go ahead laugh your head off, I am one of millions who can not work their iPhone), I would of never found the post you wrote about giving your favorite jeans away. Which I did go and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit. Sometimes the blogs of others takes you off of you. Because you is complicated and serious, for this I thank you.


    1. Yes, if I get at least one “like” I know someone read it. I have a bunch of people that I have in “real life” who get the email version, so they don’t comment or like, but will tell me if they liked one or another when I see them in person.


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