My Outcast Heart – I recommend you read this book!

I recently finished reading an e-book novel called My Outcast Heart by Anna C. Bowling.

I don’t normally read romance novels (mostly because they are all sex and very little romance) but this one held my attention. The story takes place in colonial New York in the 1720’s.  It is a sweet story of a young woman named Tabetha who meets and falls in love with an “outcast” named Dalby.  Of course there are “villainous villains” who want to take Tabetha’s property away, and want to do terrible things to Dalby the “outcast.”

Who doesn’t love to hate a good villain?

There are no blatant sex scenes; you could let your teenager read this without blushing. (now that’s shocking, eh?)

There is a scene in the book where people pray over their meal. (How often do you see THAT in a “romance” novel?) They attend church. (repeat question here)  They pray for their friends. (you get it)

Anna C. Bowling is a great author who pulls you right into the story.

You can buy this book here:  click here

You can also check out her ebooks on and   Each listing gives you a “preview” of the book so you want to read more. 🙂

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