Bailey’s Christmas Miracle

I brought Bailey to PetMart yesterday to get his nails trimmed. He was starting to look Howard-Hughes-ish and needed those nails clipped.  As usual, I bribed him with cheese to get him into the car. When we took a turn at the intersection, he realized we were not on the way to his friend Georgie’s … More Bailey’s Christmas Miracle

My Christmas Lesson

I rarely go to Craigslist, but yesterday an ad caught my eye. “Free Toys Wanted.” The latent Santa in me was aroused, and I answered back that I had a few things I could donate. My son is grown up, so I was sure he would not miss a few random stuffed animals and board … More My Christmas Lesson

Happy Boxing Day

We don’t celebrate Boxing Day here in the US but supposedly in the United Kingdom, the upper class would “box up” their old belongings and give them to the poor. I suppose I could look it up on Wikipedia and then look it up on Scopes to see if any of that is true. Or … More Happy Boxing Day

Mom will be Unplugged Today, so I am filling in — Love Bailey

Mom is working on her blog about the Federal Reserve. She has been mumbling under her breath a lot. She is fact-checking and looking for pictures. And mumbling under her breath. A lot. What is the Creature from Jekyll Island, Mom? I never heard of that. It sounds scary! Don’t worry Mom! I’ll protect you! … More Mom will be Unplugged Today, so I am filling in — Love Bailey

The Dimension of Time

Time itself is a strange concept. When we are enjoying ourselves, time seems to move quickly. When we are uncomforable, time seems to move slowly. When we are kids, time seems to pass slowly. Each day is so long; Christmas and Summer Vacation are always light years away. As adults, sometimes we stop and realize … More The Dimension of Time

Before you decide what you want for Christmas…

..why not decide to change someone else’s life? Give a gift of compassion! Gospel for Asia‘s Gift Catalog is now online. Instead of buying more electronic gadgets, or other items to keep up (or surpass) the proverbial Joneses, think about sending a gift to a person in Asia who will deeply appreciate it.  [You can … More Before you decide what you want for Christmas…

Christmas Lights

The bright light clicked on, interupting the soft glow of the morning. The crumpling of wrapping paper filled the room. “SMILE!” he commanded. The children faked their best smiles. “Do what you’re told,” had been embedded into their psyches. “Oh, this is not the one I wanted,” Marge sighed, and then just as suddenly, held … More Christmas Lights