Happy Boxing Day

We don’t celebrate Boxing Day here in the US but supposedly in the United Kingdom, the upper class would “box up” their old belongings and give them to the poor. I suppose I could look it up on Wikipedia and then look it up on Scopes to see if any of that is true. Or … More Happy Boxing Day

YAWN — or Sorry, HGTV, but we are keeping the wallpaper!

What bores me? Neutral colors. Beige, beige, and beige. If you watch HGTV, you know that they always advise folks that are selling their homes to make all the colors “neutral.” “People want to see themselves living here. De-personalize.” While I understand taking down the wedding and baby pictures, wouldn’t someone rather see a home … More YAWN — or Sorry, HGTV, but we are keeping the wallpaper!

The January Squeeze

The festivities of the holidays are over–the relatives have been visited, food has been consumed in huge quantities, eggnog has been inhaled, and presents exchanged and re-gifted. We now return to our normally scheduled life. I have noticed that every January–no matter how well planned December was-January is a squeeze! It’s supposed to be a New … More The January Squeeze

Christmas Lights

The bright light clicked on, interupting the soft glow of the morning. The crumpling of wrapping paper filled the room. “SMILE!” he commanded. The children faked their best smiles. “Do what you’re told,” had been embedded into their psyches. “Oh, this is not the one I wanted,” Marge sighed, and then just as suddenly, held … More Christmas Lights