Bailey’s excellent photo shoot

So many people have commented on how much they enjoy Bailey posts, that I thought I would turn it over to him again today. I took some new pictures today, and I will throw in some old pics, and I’ll let him tell you more, since you like hearing from him also! ~ Mom aka SueAnn


Thanks, Mom, I’ll take it from here. Well this picture is the cover of my portfolio. I was a little younger and a little thinner, and I think it shows my best side.

snarlingHere’s the face I make when the little cat-sized dog across the street starts barking! It’s sure a lot of noise for such a little dog. I wouldn’t really hurt her, though, I just want to play. But she doesn’t need to be so loud about it!

IMG_3088Here I am enjoying my Christmas present. But I ate them all. 😦 Hey, Mom, you need to buy me more treats.

IMG_0996 IMG_0999Here I am taking a nap. And a close-up of me taking a nap. It’s pretty cool how I can balance my face 1/4 inch above the floor, isn’t it?

Bailey SnoringHere’s another picture of me taking a nap. Naps are the most important part of the day.


Bailey AntlersAround Christmastime, Mom likes to put antlers on me. I don’t like it at all. In fact, this is what I did to the antlers last year:

Yep, I tore them to shreds. But Mom bought new ones for me. (sigh)

BaileyflowersIn the summertime I like to play Frisbee. Here I am taking a break from our Frisbee game.

IMG_2752Here I am at  the Saratoga Battlefield. It was a great adventure. I like the big cannons.

shamus and baileyHere I am with my cousin Shamus. He went to doggie heaven this year, but I’ll see him again someday!

smooth-collie-1Here’s one of my “I’m a good boy, won’t you give me some cheese” looks.

Bailey-smooth-collieIf that doesn’t work, I try this position, and stare at Mom. Cheese, please.

IMG_1380Sometimes I have to resort to this face to get Mom to give me cheese. I don’t know if you can tell that I’m laughing on the inside, but I look very serious on the outside. Mom can’t resist this one and usually gives me cheese. Persistence pays off.

IMG_2747Here I am outside last summer in the backyard. I was digging at the mole holes in the yard.

IMG_2385This is the face I make when Mom puts the oven on. Mom is not a very good cook, and usually makes the smoke detector go off, which hurts my doggie ears.

462Here I am running for the door after the smoke detector starts screeching! Ouch! Let me outside!

Bailey4It ain’t what you got it’s how you use it!

I hope these pictures will help you get more cheese from your Mom!


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