The Great Wallpaper Removal Project Part 1

IMG_2565Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting lately. I guess it’s time for a “Brain Dump” of the events swirling around in my world. It will feel good to let it out anyway.

So I began the Great Wallpaper Removal Project, which always takes longer than you first estimate. I got the paper off easily enough with the water and vinegar method, a spray bottle, and of course the little scoring tool that I bought at Lowe’s.

So I’m down to the bare “walls” but now I am using the steamer to loosen the glue, and then go over the walls again with the water and vinegar on a paper towel, and at times use the spatula to scrape.

Meanwhile, my husband gave me a good scare a few weeks back. He had chest pains and spent 5 days in the hospital. After numerous tests, he was released. The next day he had chest pains again. Long story short, he’s on medicine, and as long as he takes his meds, he should be fine.

So I got back to my wallpaper project, scraping away at old glue. I started having odd dreams, which I confided in my prayer partner. We figured that the project is paralleling a healing process going on in my own life. You know, old stuff that needs to be scraped away, things that are “hidden” behind the chair rail that need to be pulled out. Things that need to be forgiven, and others that need to be forgotten.

Then my uncle, my mother’s brother passed away from lung cancer last month.

My aunt passed away two days ago.

A cousin of mine is in the hospital with stomach cancer.

But my son made me proud by attending an Evangelism conference two weeks ago.

And although the calendar says it should be Spring, it’s snowing. BUT I am extremely thankful that I have a warm winter coat, and I live in a house with heat and hot water! Things could be worse.

I am thankful for my Bible Study friends that meet on Friday mornings and give me a boost whenever I see them.

I am well past my one-month “guesstimate” of how long the wallpaper removal was going to take. Life gets in the way of our plans. Always. I’m thankful that I have OTHER rooms to sit in, and that we have walls at all.

How many people in the world would be happy for my problem of ugly walls?!

I am blessed.

10 thoughts on “The Great Wallpaper Removal Project Part 1

    1. I guess we can do super-human stuff when we are motivated. I have temporarily lost my steam but I’m going to get going again. I think we will buy the primer and paint soon, hopefully that will give the a vision for the end of the tunnel!


  1. It sounds like a big job but one that will be well worth all the effort when you have completed. Good luck to your husband…Thank goodness there is medication to help him. Are you painting those walls or putting up wallpaper again?


    1. Oh I am painting it. Neutral colors. We have talked to several realtors about possibly selling the house within the next few years, and when they see the wall paper, they freak out. I am going to get it done, and whether we live there one more year or ten more years, at least it’s done!
      It is a bigger job than I could have ever imagined.
      Thanks for your good wishes for my hubby! I hope you are doing well… I have not visited any blogs for a while.


  2. I remember removing wall paper when we bought our home. It was a dreadful project, particularly after removing it we found another layer f wall paper! It ain’t over ’til it’s over :). But when it’s over there is great reward ( Spiritually speaking). Hang in there – Peace and Blessings.


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