And so we walked out of the movie…** spoiler alerts are in effect **

clockThis winter has kept us indoors more than normal, so Hubby and I decided that we wanted to go out to the movies. He picked the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, “Sabotage.”  After paying outrages prices for the movie tickets and $13 for popcorn and water (!) we picked our seats, and hoped we would not be disturbed by cell phones.  (We can hope, right?)

The opening scene of the movie showed a woman being tortured and then flashed to an older man in an armchair, who was watching this on the tv. I thought maybe he would pay the ransom, she would be rescued, and the good guy would win.

That’s not how the movie went.

Arnold and Gang set out to steal $10 million, with all kinds of weapons, while doling out F-bombs more often than actual conversation. There was shooting, murder of one of their gang, murder of some other guys, and more stealing.  Then Arnold announced they were “Doing God’s work” and the scene flashed to a stripper bar where one of the gang toasted their dead buddy “For dying for our sins.”


That was all I could take. After a total bombardment against my spirit, I whispered to my husband, “I can’t stay here, I’ll meet you out in the mall.”  The thought entered my head to ask the ticket man “what is the policy for refunds?”, but I was still shell-shocked that a movie could be so raw and blasphemous and only rated “R.”

Hubby was 2 minutes behind me. (He had to balance the still-full bag of popcorn and water while finding the steps in the dark.)

We must truly be in the End Times. When all this sin and corruption is entertainment, society has really arrived at a dangerous place.  It’s ok to make light of the HUGE price that Jesus paid for us on the cross, when HE died for our sins, because it’s Open Season on Christians.

I actually felt sorry for Arnold. Here is an aging gazillionaire, still trying to make more money before his time runs out. What about eternity, Arnold? Have you had time to think about that?

And so we walked out of the movie, and went back home. A friend of mine told me about which gives reviews of movies so we can make a better selection next time.

And by the way– I’ve been told: DON’T go see Noah. It is not based on the bible story, but has been re-written by an atheist and is about Global Warming causing the flood (instead of man’s sin), and Noah is set on killing off his family (instead of protecting them).

Maybe there isn’t going to be much spare time to watch movies anyway, as the Hands on the Clock of Time have moved ahead a few minutes more, and we need to get the Harvest in. Quickly.






4 thoughts on “And so we walked out of the movie…** spoiler alerts are in effect **

  1. You already know. Just read about a young woman in Egypt dragged out of her car and murdered for having a small cross on a chain hanging from her rear view mirror. The fruit of Islam, a religion described by our Presidents as a religion of peace. As for the Noah movie- Can fresh water ever come out of a salty bitter spring?- to paraphrase Scripture!


  2. Good for you! There’s hardly a movie or tv show that doesn’t bombard the viewer with anti-moral, anti Christian garbage–so much more than ever before it seems to me. And I’m not a prude 🙂


  3. I have to agree. Gratuitous sex, abuse, swearing and making women victims seems to be the criteria these days for both TV and movies. It’s no wonder people have lost their respect for others and females are made out to be here just to “serve” the males’ every whim…no matter what culture or country.


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