Today’s Miracle

RoseI was going to the gym. Really. I was. I got into the car, and tried to start it, but it turned over a few times and then clicked at me. I stopped and asked God for a miracle. Of course, I was hoping that it would be a Supernatural Jump-Start for the battery. As usual, God had other plans.

I didn’t panic. I was still in the driveway, so it wasn’t like I was stranded on the side of the road. I then realized that although i have AAA coverage I also have coverage from the Honda dealer. This is the one that I called. While I waited for the Truck to come, I continued praying. I felt that God wanted me to tell this guy that God cares about him, that he’s been asking, and yes, God really does care. I grabbed one of my Gospel of John books, and prayed over it.

Within about 20 minutes, the Truck showed up. The young man got out of the truck, carrying his battery charger. I explained that I was quite embarrassed, as I grew up in a garage, and should know better and one of my lights had been left on overnight accidentally. He said, he’d done the same thing, so don’t feel bad.

He was getting ready to leave, and I told him, “Here, this is for you. God told me to give it to you. He cares about you. He really does. You’ve been wondering if he cares, and he does.”

He then explained that his girlfriend is pregnant, but she won’t stop drinking and doing drugs. He told me her name, and I promised to pray for her. His phone was ringing and he was already late for two other appointments.

So beam up a prayer for this young man,his girlfriend and baby.

The battery did not supernaturally start, but God sent a young man to me so that I could tell him God loves him. And that’s the greatest miracle of all.




6 thoughts on “Today’s Miracle

  1. I soooo love stories like this! We have had a couple of miracles around here lately! Isn’t God good? Hey…if you have an opportunity to see the movie “God’s Not Dead” Please do!! It is so powerful! It is about a prof at a college who is an atheist and one of his students who is a Christian! Highly recommend! 🙂


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